Way of Playing

All teams will be encouraged to display an offensive style of play based on keeping possession and quick supporting movements off the ball. Emphasis will be placed on speed of play, avoidance of over-dribbling, and solid defensive organization.

Emphasis will be placed on speed of play, avoidance of over dribbling and quick organization during the transitional moments of a game.

To enable this to happen we require that our coaches use the following formations.

Specific points relating to the way of playing:


  • Passing and receiving – passing the ball on the ground at speed over different distances and receiving the ball with the purpose of keeping the ball moving.
  • Shooting and finishing – ability to shoot effectively over a range of distances under pressure.
  • Ball manipulation and turning – ability to keep close control off the ball away from pressure using various techniques.


  • Playing out of the back – ability to move the ball from the defensive third to the advanced thirds of the field with confidence.
  • Possession and transition – ability to keep possession using minimal touches and quick movements off the ball creating passing opportunities to find the most efficient way of transferring the ball from one area of the field to another.
  • Transitional Moments – ability to react quickly during the transitional moments in order to apply pressure when the ball is lost, and organize to obtain space when possession is regained.


  • Speed & Agility – ability to react quickly to the ball, move efficiently with and without the ball, manoeuvre past opponents, get out of tight situations, and defensively adjust to attackers movements.
  • Endurance – ability to endure the high intensity interval nature of the game, recover quickly, and keep work rate consistently high.
  • Strength & Power – ability to maintain possession under physical pressure and be more competitive.


  • Respect & discipline – exhibit respect for teammates, coaches, officials, and opponents, and adopt roles within the team.
  • Cooperation – exhibit collaboration over individuality in achieving team objectives and goals.
  • Competitiveness – ability to work hard for the good of the team.


Choosing your formation

  • Select a system that suits your players based on their physical, tactical, technical and psychological qualities.
  • A well balanced team can score, create and defend.
  • Choose a balance of depth in the midfield and discipline in defence.
  • The system is only as good as the players in it.

Individual Player’s Role, Responsibility and Key Skills

Defending, attacking and skills for each player position.

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